Overdose of Jane’s Addiction with new four-disc album

By Anthony Clegg

Jane’s Addiction’s latest album, “A Cabinet of Curiosities,”
which was released April 21, provides an interesting walk down
memory lane for its listeners.

The best aspect of this album is that it provides a fresh take
on familiar”and not so familiar”songs.

Boiled down, this album is one thing: raw.

The entire album is a compilation of the band’s prior work, but
every song is either a demo or a live performance. This proves to
have both negative and positive effects.

Because the songs are live recordings or demos, some of the
musical balance is not even. At times, there is too much intensity
of a particular instrument or a deficit of another. At other times,
the entire audio fades to practically nothing.

Due to the nature of live recordings, some songs also have
mistakes or something out of tune. Most notably from lead singer
Perry Farrell who’s voice occasionally cracks annoyingly.

Fan favorite songs, such as “Jane Says,” “Stop!” and “Been
Caught Stealing” are offered in both demo and live formats, which
could help regenerate interest in not only the specific songs, but
also in the band itself.

Live performance recordings also offer a wide array of new and
interesting performance driven features, such as extended guitar
solos, audience interactions and jam sessions.

Expanded live performances of “Three Days,” “Summertime Rolls”
and “Then She Did”” highlight some of the more interesting aspects
of the album.

Guitarist Dave Navarro provides the most distinct emotional
themes of the album and arguably for the entire band. His work can
range from providing subtle ambiance to being the outward center of

Bassist Eric Avery provides a sound musical background while he
and drummer Stephen Perkins combine to form the solid rhythm
groundwork on which the songs are built.

The four-disc album, one disc of which contains video of band
performances and other works, is sure to become a must-have for any
die-hard Jane’s Addiction fan, but it also allows new listeners to
grasp who Jane’s Addiction really is.

Overdose of Jane

Overdose of Jane’s Addiction with new four-disc album

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