Student voices: If you could change the school’s logo and motto, what would you make them?

Kiana Mannani | Second-year biotechnology student

“A logo? I would do like a machine engine. Like the wheels that interlock and work together, like a teamwork situation. That with our school colors. And the motto … ‘Knowledge is power.’ That’s why we have the machine.”



Daniela Sot | Second-year agribusiness student

“I liked the last one, ‘Learn by doing.’ That’s honestly one of the reasons why I looked at this school in the first place. The fact that they changed the motto really doesn’t affect me. Just as long as they don’t change the classes.”



Truman Hua | Third-year electrical engineering student

“Honestly I liked the old way. I feel like the motto is kind of stupid now. It reminds me of SpongeBob. I actually don’t mind the logo, it looks more minimalistic. I’d go back to the old motto but maybe keep the new logo.”



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