Students paint away during the Paint on Canvas event. (Ruth Olivares | The Poly Post)

Popularity grows for ‘Paint on Canvas’

In a relaxed environment, students explored their creative abilities at Paint on Canvas.

Light chatter of students filled the games room as they painted and interacted with one another.

“You get to be around other Cal Poly students of different majors outside of the classroom and the only other opportunity for this is fraternities and sororities,” said Hunter Cordis, third-year international business marketing student.

Cordis says he is seldom on campus and this was one of his few opportunities for meeting students of all majors.

Other students enjoy the freedom of working with paint.

“It’s fun being with others and messing around with paint,” said third-year English education student Daniela Gonzalez.

Students paint away during the Paint on Canvas event. (Ruth Olivares | The Poly Post)

Toward the front of the room, artist and graphic design Cal Poly alumna Kimberly Loya wore a hands-free microphone as she paced the room and led students in the steps and techniques of painting a sunset in the woods.

In a corner of the room, pastries and Starbucks coffee were served at the event.

Gonzalez felt the step-by-step instruction was reassuring.

Cordis enjoyed the difficulty level of the painting and he said it was good for beginners.

According to Loya, deciding what painting she wants to teach students can be the most difficult part.

The theme of the painting is often based on the holiday or season.

“It’s difficult keeping in mind people are at different levels,” said Loya. “Some have never painted before, while some paint a lot and it’s tough to keep it fun and not too difficult.”

While the event is step-by-step instruction, there is more to painting than just brush strokes.

Dictating a painting event provided Loya with the public speaking practice she lacked.

“I was really bad at speech,” said Loya. “I would slur and stutter and it helps with talking to crowds and getting things organized.”

Loya said she loves sharing her love for art with others.

Throughout the room, similar paint colors on all canvases created a uniform feel.

“It’s a very nice way to relax and express yourself,” said Loya. “You can let loose and not be perfect because there’s no right answer in painting.”

Loya hopes to make changes to Paint on Canvas.

Usually holding 30 spots, this was the first time Paint on Canvas opened 60 spots for students, and Loya hopes they can increase it further.

The next Paint on Canvas will hold a new location and move out of the games room and into the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex pool deck.

Spots are limited. If you want to see what you can create, be sure to register for the next Paint on Canvas that will be held on Thursday, May 10, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m..

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