Lynette Castañon’s affinity for art

Our university is home to many talented artists. These students work hard and hope to receive the necessary tools to make a career out of what they love to do. One of these skilled students is second-year graphic design student, Lynette Castañon.

“I’ve always drawn since I was little,” says Castañon. “Even when there was a school project, I tried to make it more creative or crafty.”

Castañon originally thought of studying to obtain a degree in biology, but ultimately made her decision to study something that built upon her love for creating works of art.

She made her final decision after taking an ROP animation class in high school.

The final project was to create a 30-second animation where Castañon took home the first place prize at the end of year contest.

Castañon hopes to work in animation and her dream job would be to work for Disney, but she is focusing on learning as much as she can and creating a quality portfolio.

She considered attending Cal State Fullerton for its illustration program, but instead decided to bring her talents to the graphic design department at CPP.

“It’s not animation necessarily, but it can be incorporated. I love the creative process and try to incorporate everything I learn into my art now,” says Castañon.

Artists often take inspiration from other works and can be influenced by other artists, whether they like to admit it or not.

Castañon appreciates the help she receives from fellow art department student peer and friend, Aaron Avila.

“He has a really unique style that I don’t really see and adds criticism to my work that no one else does,” says Castañon. “If I have a problem or I’m looking for good critiques, I go to him.”

Castañon takes herself seriously as an artist and putting hard work into the program before calling herself a graphic designer.

“I’m hoping to get to that level,” she says.

Although she is humble, Castañon clearly posses versatile artistic skills. She draws and paints in various styles and with different mediums. She even takes photos.

As shown in her works, Castañon takes inspiration from her life. Whether it’s in her color choice or how it makes her feel, there’s a story in behind every piece of art she makes.


Girls features a woman Castañon based off of the model in the music video of the same name by the band The 1975. (Courtesy of Lynette Castañon)

A personal piece by Castañon, “Girls” features a woman Castañon based off of the model in the music video of the same name by the band The 1975.

It is drawn in Sharpie on a 6”x 10” cardstock.

Castañon originally drew the piece in high school and it remained black and white until two years later.

“I added color when everything started looking up. I find I definitely like using bright colors and contrast,” says Castañon.


“Statistics.” (Courtesy of Lynette Castañon)

This piece is drawn using Sharpie on 18”x 24” Canson paper.

Castañon redrew the piece after finding it on the back of statistic notes that she doodled on during class.

Give Me a Hand

This piece is painted on 18”x 24” Canson paper using acrylic paint and ink wash, which is adding water to ink to make it appear “cloudy.”

Castañon painted the piece as the final project for her ART141A class, which was to feature hands.


“Goddess” by Lynette Castañon. Sharpie, ink wash and acrylic paint. (Courtesy of Lynette Castañon)

This personal piece by Castañon is drawn using Sharpie, ink wash and acrylic paint on 6”x 10” cardstock.

“I wanted to do a piece about female empowerment,” says Castañon. “I added all the stars and made her come out of the clouds so she did look like a goddess.”

Feeling Around

Castañon expressed her interest in art using an octopus and squid to create her own piece on 6”x 10” cardstock.

“I enjoy using swirls and there were originally more in this piece, but it became too much so I covered them,” says Castañon.

The swirls in this piece actually make the octopus featured look like it’s “feeling around.”


“Doggo” by Lynette Castañon. Castañon shot this piece for her still life project. (Courtesy of Lynette Castañon)

A piece for her ART 275A class, Castañon thought that her Australian heeler had hogged enough of the spotlight and wanted to “show off [her] other child,” her Betta fish, Abe.

Working with different backgrounds and dealing with an uncontrollable Abe, Castañon finally shot this piece for her still life project.


“1966.” Castañon set up a Neck Deep banner behind boyfriend, Felix, while he plays the guitar. (Courtesy of Lynette Castañon)

Castañon set up a Neck Deep banner behind boyfriend, Felix, while he played the guitar.

“I let him play and we finished up when he said he didn’t know any more songs,” says Castañon.

She put albums on either side of the banner and titled the piece after the year on the Vans shirt that Felix is wearing in the photo.


“BB.” (Courtesy of Lynette Castañon)

“It’s called that because he’s my ‘baby,’” says Castañon.

Another photo of Felix, Castañon was taking photos for an assignment as they visited their favorite spot in Downtown Upland called Scavengers Treasures.

They enjoy walking to the back to look at antique albums and Castañon shot this candid piece after observing the scene while Felix looked at albums.

For more work by Castañon, her art account can be found on Twitter account @lynettiic.

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