Want to see a movie? Take it outside

By Daynie Rivera

Summer is movie season and college students finally get some free time to enjoy the next box office hit. However, when you think of where to go, it usually involves a trip to the local outdated movie theatre.

Luckily, if you drive only a couple miles outside of Pomona, you can find places like the Rooftop Cinema Club, where you can watch a movie under the stars.

The Rooftop Cinema Club finally took the typical ordinary movie days to the rooftops of some of the best venues in Los Angeles.

One of them is located on the rooftop of the iconic Ricardo Montalban Theatre in L.A.

This venue offers an amazing panoramic view of downtown that is sure to keep you coming back. College students from campuses all throughout LA have spent many of their summer nights there.

“It’s refreshing to finally have a different movie experience that makes you look forward to watching movies in theatres again,” said fourth-year fire engineering student Felix Salcedo.

To purchase tickets to attend, you must be 18 and over. The theatre also provides a full bar for those 21 and over.

Seats are not pre-allocated; therefore, it is recommended you arrive early to get the seat of your choice and the best experience possible.

Every movie night begins right at sunset. As the stars begin to shine, your outdoor movie experience will come to life.

If you happen to be hungry while there, the venue also offers some of the best street food served by the amazing Food Truck Heritage L.A.

They serve an array of food from sides and starters, which include seasoned fries, tacos, salads and nachos.

Along with their amazing views, food and cocktails, the cinema also provides comfy deckchairs that are adjustable to your height with plenty of legroom.

You can freely lean back and make yourself as comfortable as you like.

Additionally, they offer love seats that can fit two people and come with a pillow, extra legroom, bottomless popcorn and either a free glass of prosecco, beer or wine for each.

To avoid that annoying cell phone that may go off in the middle of a great scene or that loud obnoxious person in the audience, the cinema provides each seat with wireless headphones to make sure you’re not disturbed.

With comfort and beautiful views now comes finding the perfect movie.

Unlike many movie theatres that only offer new releases, the Rooftop Cinema Club offers everything from cult classics to the newest releases.

You can choose from a variety of movies, which includes “The Godfather,” “La La Land” and “Wonder Woman” to name a few.

Every night is different, and you can cater your movie experience to suit your mood.

Now, you may be asking yourself why you haven’t heard of such an amazing place. It is because they don’t advertise and solely rely on word of mouth. This allows them to provide a more intimate experience for all movie lovers.

A second location of The Rooftop Cinema Club is located on the rooftop of Level LA, while others are located in London and New York.

Attendees at the Rooftop Cinema Club watch films under the stars

Daynie Rivera / The Poly Post

Attendees at the Rooftop Cinema Club watch films under the stars

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