Electric Carnival to build campus unity

By Ariel Romo

The Multicultural Council will host the Electric Carnival, a celebration of campus diversity and unity among cultural identities, clubs and organizations, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday.

The Electric Carnival will feature cultural performances, tables from various campus clubs and organizations, music, food, a photo booth and a light show.

The event is a first for the council and will be a kick-off for future events the council hopes to organize for the rest of the academic year, said Matthew Rodney, council president.

“Hopefully this event will show an importance of the differences in the identities on campus,” Rodney said.

According to Rodney, 12 councils have been invited to participate, and organizers hope for a strong turnout. The event is free and open to everyone.

During this quarter’s Pizza with the Presidents, the council heard students mention the lack of night life at Cal Poly Pomona, so this event will be held at night to help satisfy those requests.

There will be several cultural performances throughout the night, as well as an opportunity for people to participate in a club rush.

People taking pictures at the photo booth will be allowed to take home copies, and there will also be a collection of photos of people and clubs who attended available online soon after the event.

Aside from cultural performances, a DJ will also be playing throughout the night.

The event will be in the Bronco Commons.

Logo of the MultiCultural Council

Courtesy of MultiCultural Council

Logo of the MultiCultural Council

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