Summer 2016 trends to transition for Fall

By Swapna Vettiyil

Last summer, flower crowns and high-waist shorts could be spotted every few steps. While the high-rise trend has not completely disappeared, there have been plenty of new trends surfacing this summer. From slip dresses to chokers, summer of 2016 has been a blast from the past that everyone wants more of.

Summer fashion is a delicate balance between looking good and beating the heat, and these trends provided a chic way to survive the California sunshine.


Fashion Week was filled with summer trends, and the most popular was the off-the-shoulder top. From Gigi Hadid to Blake Lively, the off-the-shoulder top has been just as popular with celebrities as with college students.

The off-the-shoulder top appeared on runways this spring and immediately spread like wildfire. Every retailer wanted to get their hands on it, and within weeks there were multiple variations of the off-the-shoulder top on the market.

Most trends that spread this quickly tend to die out as quickly as they are established (think high-low dresses), but this one has stuck around through summer and does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.

Cal Poly Pomona student Meg Van Denburg stated her “favorite trend would have to be the off-the-shoulder top because it is a flattering look on everybody and can make any outfit look more sophisticated.”

The off-the-shoulder top pairs well with another fashion trend: chokers and neck scarves. Everyone from fashion bloggers to celebrities wear these pieces.

“The neck scarf is great because it is not a trend that is strictly meant for summer because it can be worn into fall with sweaters,” said Van Denburg.


Designers also filled New York Fashion Week with wearable lingerie. From Nordstrom to Forever 21, most retailers have jumped on this trend.

The slip dress can be worn on its own for a night out or over a plain T-shirt for a more casual look. This trend has been popular on red carpets and spotted on multiple street style blogs. Its versatility makes it an easy piece to style this summer.

Satin tops and dresses can be paired with sneakers to make the look more casual or heels to keep the look dressy.


Denim mini-skirts also made their comeback this summer. The abundance of choices when it comes to fit, style and design with these skirts makes them great pieces to spice up most outfits.

Last summer, high-waist denim shorts flooded the streets, whereas this option provides a more feminine and chic way to wear denim all summer long.


Denim skirts are not the only denim piece that made a comeback. Overalls, especially denim overalls, are everywhere.

CPP student Annette Taylor said that the overall trend reminds her of her favorite childhood outfit.

“Although my overalls as a 7-year-old were a little more childish and retro, the overalls I rock now take a modern spin on this past favorite, which I believe alludes perfectly to the development of life,” said Taylor. “You never truly change, but mold yourself into a more current, perfected version of yourself.”

Overalls can be worn with crop tops, a dressy button-up or a simple bralette. The ability to mix and match makes the overall a great piece for summer. You can match it with pieces you already have to make plenty of fresh new fall outfits.

Denim pieces pair well with the neck scarf trend as well. Denim can sometimes be boring, so throw on a colorful scarf to spice it up and you have a chic twist on a classic outfit.


Lastly, despite the ridicule they met at first, Birkenstocks are back. Birkenstocks are not only for running errands or doing chores.

According to, anyone can “dress up these classic summer sandals with a cool pair of high-waisted jeans, a textured top and a blazer slung over the shoulders.”

Summer of 2016 brought back some of the best trends from the past, and so far nobody is complaining. With fall right around the corner, many of these pieces can be transitioned into fall fashion to make them staples in next season’s wardrobe.

Fashion trends for the Fall 2016

Swapna Vettiyil / The Poly Post

Fashion trends for the Fall 2016

Summer 2016 fashion transition to Fall

Swapna Vettiyil / The Poly Post

Summer 2016 fashion transition to Fall

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