Makeover Mayhem pampers stress away

By Jennifer Contreras

As the quarter comes to an end, many students’ tension and stress levels start to build up. The pressure that comes before finals week serves as a reminder that the quarter is almost over, and sleep and everyday routines will soon be back to normal.

Yet, many students are in need of a stress reliever. What better way to relieve stress than to receive a free makeover? This is exactly what Associated Students, Inc. did for students on March 3 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Bronco Student Center, Ursa Major.

The second annual Makeover Mayhem aimed to have students relax and relieve stress before finals week. The event featured three different stations, for nails, hair and makeup.

Upon entering the event, all students had an opportunity to spin an opportunity wheel for a chance to win prizes. Some of the prizes included different colored eyeshadows, lipglosses and lipsticks.

Bronco Events and Activities Team Programming Chair and third-year computer science student Isolde Alfaro shared that the success of last year’s Makeover Mayhem made BEAT want to put on the event again.

“Last year was extremely successful,” said Alfaro. “We only expected around 100 students, but 200 students ended showing up.”

With the success of last year’s turn out, ASI decided to extend the hours.

“We wanted to make sure every student had the chance to be pampered before finals week,” said Alfaro.

Marinello Schools of Beauty sponsored the event. This was not the first time the premier beauty school supported the event. Last year, they helped beautify students by setting up a hair station.

Marinello beauty instructor Blanca Zuniga shared how excited the school was to be a part of the event once again, especially since it enjoys giving back to the community.

“The events that we do enable our students to apply techniques they have learned,” said Zuniga. “Since the students work on the general public on an everyday basis, they have a lot of experience working with the people.”

The three different stations stayed busy for the entire two hours. Zuniga shared that they had students alter between stations during the event. This gave students the opportunity to apply their skills at the different stations.

First-year industrial engineering student Maha Shah kept her friend company before she decided to be pampered.

“A friend saw it on Facebook and asked me to come with her,” said Shah. “There was not much coverage on the event, but I think word got out. So now I’m also doing my hair and nails. [I] have to get the whole shebang.”

Sixth-year biology student Stephanie Calderon shared that she found out about the event through social media.

“I saw a post, and at first I thought it said, ‘Free Makeup,’ and I thought ‘Hell yeah,'” said Calderon. “Everyone was like, ‘I think it said free makeover.’ So then, I was just going to come and look to see what it was all about. Once I was here, I figured I would try it.”

Many of the pampered students shared that they thought it was a good stress reliever. Marinello student and makeup artist Nicki Eason kept busy at her station for the entire two hours.

“I was excited and ready when I heard we were going to be doing this event,” said Eason. “I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think we had a great turn out.”

The Marinello Schools of Beauty participates in approximately 10 events every year. They look forward to hopefully returning next year for the next Makeover Mayhem.

Makeover Mayhem

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Makeover Mayhem

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