Food Wars!

By Sasha Ramazani


Smoothies are one of the most popular types of drinks with an
endless array of combinations possible.

From fruit, to chocolate, to even green tea, smoothies can be
the perfect afternoon snack.

While smoothies can easily be made at home, there are benefits
to actually going into juice shops such as Jamba Juice.

Jamba Juice was founded in 1990 by Kirk Perron, a Cal Poly San
Luis Obispo graduate and is known as one of the leaders in the
quick-serve fruit and vegetable juice market.

While this juice shop first began selling only fruit-blended
drinks, Jamba Juice now serves a wide variety of smoothies, teas
and snacks such as granola, oatmeal, chips, pretzels and even

None of this juice shop’s items contain trans-fats, high
fructose corn syrup or contain any artificial flavors or
preservatives. What you see on the menu is exactly what you

There are five group variations of smoothies.

The first is the “All Fruit” group, which means there is no
sugar added and the smoothies in this category are dairy free.

The second group is called “Jamba Light,” meaning all smoothies
are less than 160 calories. The three flavors are: Strawberry
Nirvana, Mango Mantra and Berry Fulfilling.

The next group is called “Blended with a purpose” and these
smoothies all have boosts included in the drink.

Boosts are nutritional additives such as energy, soy or
immunity. Some flavors include The Coldbuster and Protein Berry

The “Our Classics” group contains smoothies that offer 2.5 fruit
servings in flavors like Aloha Pineapple, Blackberry Bliss and

The last group, “Creamy Treats,” contains one of my favorite
drinks called Matcha Green Tea Blast and other flavors such as
Orange Dream Machine and Peanut Butter Moo’d.

While these are not fruit-based, I think they pack the most

My drink of choice includes Matcha green tea powder, soymilk,
nonfat frozen yogurt and sorbet. With an added energy boost, which
contains vitamin B, this drink can easily replace a Starbucks
Frappuccino at only 290 calories.

Starbucks’ Green Tea Frappuccino is 490 calories, whipped cream

This pale-green drink is sweet and creamy and is basically like
having a green tea ice cream milkshake, just not as caloric or

Jamba Juice serves a wheatgrass detox, which is freshly juiced
and offered in 1 or 2 ounce shots.

This green shot has been claimed to detoxify the body, if
consumed on a regular basis, and adds supplemental nutrition such
as amino acids and minerals.

Jamba Juice is the perfect way to satisy fruit-filled cravings
with a variety of smoothies and healthy fuel for the body.


Jamba juice may be one of the most popular smoothie shops
around, but just because the chain has mustered enough business to
become commercialized doesn’t make it the best place to get your
fruity fix.

When a restaurant turns into a chain, it loses something, the
human aspect.

Places like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Subway have a goal in mind
to make surethe food sold at each of its locations tastes exactly
the same and that the restaurant reminds the consumer of all the
other stores with that same name on the outside.

Let’s say a customer from California is buying food from a
McDonald’s in Wisconsin.

This customer knows exactly what to expect from the food they
are buying and steps into an atmosphere practically identical to
the McDonalds back home.

There is no sense that this person is out of the state; they are
presented with the same menu and food.

In other words, when something is commercialized it loses its
unique character.

This is also the case with a place like Jamba Juice.

Jamba Juice is the Wal-Mart of smoothie shops. It has taken over
suburban areas and left a sacharrine, flavorless wasteland in its

But the smoothie joint that changes its menu to appeal to the
customers in the area and keeps that personal touch is the one
where you will find the best smoothies.

Feelin’ Juicy is one of those smoothie stores. It is located in
San Dimas off Arrow Highway in the Target shopping center.

It is a cute little smoothie restaurant with a cheesy Hawaiian
theme and friendly faces ready to serve you.

Unlike Jamba Juice, the smoothies from Feelin’ Juicy can be
quickly consumed because they are not as thick and not nearly as

It offers fun flavors such as Blushing Banana, which includes
apple and banana juice, strawberries, banana, yogurt and raspberry

My personal favorite is the Tropical Twister with guava and
strawberry juice and mango and pineapple sherbet.

This fruity selection has more flavor than the Jamba Juice

Feelin’ Juicy offers similar choices as its competitors with a
deli sandwich menu, pretzels, wheatgrass and power juices.

It may not be the coolest looking place to buy your smoothie,
but it is the place where your smoothie will taste the best.

Reach Sasha Ramazani &Amanda Newfield at:

Food Wars!

Roland Tran/Poly Post

Food Wars!

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