BSB’s new album should be renamed to ‘Is This It?’

By Katie Burnside

Ladies and gentlemen, one of pop’s iconic boy-bands has returned
for another shot at the big-time and frankly, it sucks.

The Backstreet Boys are back in action with their newest album,
“This is Us.” But this BSB album will send raging Backstreet Boys
fans to their Backstreet Boys archive of hits in an attempt to
reminisce with the band’s older albums, rather than to listen to

If the title is supposed to introduce fans to the new adult
version of the boys, then the music is also telling fans that they
are dull and average.

After an almost two-decade long career, 100-million-plus records
sold and one less member of the group, the band has nothing but
cheesy lyrics and an up-tempo beat that attempts to mimic
club-sounding songs.

The 12-track album is the third album since their comeback and
the second since reducing their group to four. It is saccharine and
mildly stimulating, but ultimately forgettable.

The lead single, “Straight Through My Heart,” is too average and
imitates every other pop hit.

The worst song by far on the album is “PDA.” When the boys start
claiming they will be “kissing, touching with my hands all over
your body” at the grocery store, the beach and even Starbucks, one
can’t help but be grossed out.

Ever since Clay Aiken’s “Invisible,” where he wants to be a fly
on a wall to watch every move his lover makes, it had been
difficult to not be freaked out by a song.

The only standouts on the album are “If I knew Then” and “Bye
Bye Love.” “If I Knew Then” is probably the most planned song
because the producer’s gave the voice of the group, A.J., the

He outshines the rest and his voice works well with the music.
“Bye Bye Love” is good musically and will mostly likely be heard
blasting in someone’s car.

The new, and somewhat improved Backstreet Boys are struggling to
find a niche fan-base.

Those who were listening to the band from the beginning, and
enjoyed hits like “As Long As You Love Me” and “Show Me the Meaning
of Being Lonely,” have already moved on from the pop tunes and
established a career and an adult life.

Also, listeners that are within the pop-listening range have
other powerhouses to listen to like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. The
Backstreet Boys are considered has-beens to them.

If the band ever wants to be “larger than life” again, they
should seriously consider creating songs that are more adult to
cater to their original fans.

A.J., Brian, Howie and Nick, minus Kevin who said sayonara three
years ago, are a group that refuses to kick the bucket.

If they don’t do something quick, they will all fade into the
background and become one of the many hard-working has-beens that
can eventually be seen on one of VH1’s reality shows.

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BSB’s new album should be renamed to ‘Is This It?’

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