Disney gets a thumbs ‘Up’

By Elliot Heis

Pixar’s latest movie “Up,” released nationwide Friday, tells the
story of Carl Fredricksen, the lead character.

With tragedy early in the film and a long journey by two misfits
forced upon each other, the formula for this latest Pixar has a lot
of the feelings of “Finding Nemo,” but not as much charm or

While the familiar feelings are there, the movie does have its
own identity and boasts some interesting characters of its own.

The characters and their interactions provide the basis for the
film’s comedy, most notably by the protagonist, who is just after a
quiet trip to Paradise Falls.

In Fredricksen’s old age, he regrets that he never fulfilled a
childhood dream of visiting South America.

When forced to move to a retirement home, he instead attaches
thousands of balloons to his house and flies up and away for the
ultimate adventure.

Before he can enjoy his quiet flight south, he discovers
Russell, a boy scout-type character, on his front porch and is then
stuck with a talkative and enthusiastic character throughout the

When the odd pair reaches South America, they are surprised to
find Charles Muntz, a famous explorer, there searching for a rare
bird, and protecting his territory, suspecting any newcomers as

Fredricksen and Russell interact a lot, and always in play is
the contrast between youthful enthusiasm and aged cynicism.

This allows a lot of the main character’s personality to be
shown, as the audience sees both the self serving and the paternal
side of him.

The animation and visuals are on par with what has become to be
expected from Pixar: clean and stunning.

Their animation pedigree is exemplified throughout this

Also typical of Pixar, the movie is much more directed at
children as opposed to Dreamworks, which tends to aim for a more
balanced movie for kids and adults alike.

There is enough in the movie for adults to appreciate, but not
enough to go without the motivation of a youngster.

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Disney gets a thumbs

Courtesy of RottenTomatoes.com

Disney gets a thumbs ‘Up’

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