Underground hip-hop hits Glass House

By Sarah Elkeaikati

Hip-hop may be dead but The Grouch and Eligh, part of the
influential underground hip-hop group Living Legends, resurrected
the art in the last show of the “Say G&E Tour” on May 18 at the
Glasshouse in Pomona.

Hundreds of fans packed the venue, donned mostly in Living
Legends T-shirts and anxiously awaiting the night’s

Clouds of smoke filled the House from audience members sneaking
puffs of cannabis wrapped in grape flavored Swisher Sweets.

Scarub of Living Legends and rapper Very, who make up Afro
Classics, kicked off the evening to a very responsive crowd.

Afro Classics performed songs off of their new album “The
Classic EP,” released on May 10, including “Boom In It” and “The
Follow Through.”

The chemistry between the two performers was electrifying ” so
much so that halfway through, they broke out into the electric
slide, much to the crowds’ enjoyment.

Rootbeer, made up of Pigeon John and Flynn Adam, both artists
sporting stylish fedoras, performed next and gave the night a touch
of old school beats and fresh lyrics.

Songs were off of the group’s latest album “The Pink Limousine
EP,” and included “Girlies,” where Flynn Adam admits “girlies hit
me up because the homie is famous.”

Pigeon John made another appearance with the show’s headlining
performers, The Grouch and Eligh.

The audience roared as the two members of Living Legends hit the
stage. The Grouch, always sure to make a positive statement with
his music and attire, rocked a shirt that read “Sell Beats Not
Drugs,” while Eligh needed nothing more than a white T-shirt to
compliment his tattooed sleeve and neck.

The two opened their set with “Say G&E,” the first single
off of the new album, and the audience was more than happy to shout
“G&E” at every request.

Eligh, who couldn’t hide a grin throughout the set as if he was
still in awe at the mob of fans screaming his name, impressed with
his Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony-style rhyming.

He previously recorded a self-titled album with his mother Jo
Wilkinson and invited her on stage for a duet performance.

Wilkinson, promoting the boys with a “Say G&E” T-shirt,
belted out notes that easily stole some of the limelight from her

The music performed by each of these artists exposes listeners
to true hip-hop that spares us the superficial lyrics about bling
and booty.

The Grouch, who’s lyrical genius is behind songs like “Artsy”
and “Breath,” promotes more genuine subject matters.

In “Breath,” he raps “Break bread, make good, awaken/ We takin’
this hip-hop back to self creation/ Meaning I can say whatever I
want, and I don’t got to act a certain way to make a chunk.”

Eligh’s verses paired with his ability to rap at such a fast
pace, sound clear and keep a good beat is remarkable.

With authentic lyrics and head-bobbing beats, the “Say G&E”
tour blew away unsuspecting guests who had never heard of the
artists and reminded longtime fans why they should listen to

Reach Sarah Elkeaikati at

Underground hip-hop hits Glass House

Courtesy of Therealgrouch.com

Underground hip-hop hits Glass House

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