TOMS shoes brings comfort around the world

By Lina Bhambhani

Imagine if you could buy a pair of shoes that could actually
help a charity. TOMS sells shoes to help others who are in need of
necessary items like shoes.

According to the company’s Web site, “For every one pair you
purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.”

TOMS has a variety of different shoes that many individuals can
purchase, which include Wrap Boots that are made for young ladies
and “picnic-perfect” plaid flats for both sexes in a variety of
colors and designs.

The company was found over three years ago by Blake Mycoskie in
Argentina. He noticed that children were walking around barefoot
and receiving related injuries which included sores and cuts that
would become infected.

TOMS Shoes helps those who take risks everyday to walk from one
place to another barefoot. Children who are barefoot are
susceptible to many diseases and can prevent them from traveling to
places such as school.

Throughout the past years, TOMS shoes have sold over 140,000
pairs around the world. And for every pair sold, the company gives
a pair to a child in need and has distributed shoes to countries
such as Argentina, Africa and Ethiopia.

The company and their cause have been featured in AT&T

On campus, students also want to bring awareness of TOMS shoes
as they became fans of the shoes as well.

“We just would like to raise awareness and let those know that
it’s for a good cause, and they are comfortable” said Monica
Callow, a third-year liberal studies student.

For the company’s three year anniversary, it’s goal is to raise
more knowledge about their organization and sell more shoes so they
can give more to those in need.

These shoes are also brought as a new style and attraction that
students are becoming more aware of.

“Every time a guy wears TOMS, it’s 20 times more attractive then
any other guy,” said Michelle Wong, a third-year liberal studies

TOMS has sold many shoes and continues to create different
colors and styles to help children in need of shoes around the

TOMS shoes brings comfort around the world

Fiorella Casella/Poly Post

TOMS shoes brings comfort around the world

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