Tijuana Panthers roar surf sounds at U-Rock

By Kara Vaporean

Long Beach surf/punk band, Tijuana Panthers will be playing
today at U-Rock in University Park.

Growing up, the Tijuana Panthers were influenced by surf bands
like the Buzzcocks. In later years, much of its influence came from
punk bands such as the Descendents.

Tony Lombardo of the Descendents was a strong influence on
guitarist Chad Wachtel.

“He was my mail man and we became friends, so he introduced me
into a lot of things,” said Wachtel. “We used to jam at his

In their high school and early college years, members Dan
Michicoff and Phil Shaheen jammed together in the Fancy Lads, but
after breaking up, they lost interest in reforming the duet.

Shortly after, Shaheen and Wachtel formed the Pencils and within
a few years Michicoff was back on the scene.

The Pencils changed its name to Tijuana Panthers.

Playing local shows up and down the coast in Los Angeles, Orange
County and San Diego, the Tijuana Panthers have jammed with the
Growlers and San Diego’s very own the Crocodiles.

Later this year, Tijuana Panthers may make its debut in the East
Coast with Soft Pack, formerly the Muslims.

Tijuana Panthers enjoy playing all-ages shows at venues like La

“I always have more fun at all-ages shows,” said Wachtel. “Kids
are more into the music.”

Although Tijuana Panthers do not have an album, prospects for
one are in the future.

The band’s music can be found on MySpace or through its full
length EP on sale at concerts.

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Tijuana Panthers roar surf sounds at U-Rock

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Tijuana Panthers roar surf sounds at U-Rock

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