Angels & Demons’ lacks accuracy, thrill

By Katie Burnside

With the “Da Vinci Code” as a total disappointment and the most
over-hyped film of 2006, “Angels and Demons” shows hardly any
improvement compared to the novel it is based on.

Directed by Ron Howard, “Angels and Demons” is the prequel to
the best-selling book the “Da Vinci Code,” where Tom Hanks reprises
his role as Dr. Robert Langdon.

This time, the Harvard symbologist professor is summoned by the
Vatican to help recover missing cardinals that have been taken by a
secret society called the Illuminati, heretics that have been at
war with the Catholic Church for centuries.

Accompanying Hanks this time around are Ewan McGregor as
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna, Ayelet Zurer as CERN scientist Vittoria
Vetra and Stellan Skarsg_Òñrd as Commander Richter.

Despite an international all-star cast that could have made the
film great, the plot and tone left audiences asking more questions
and were receiving fewer answers.

While Tom Hanks’ hair did look better in this one, no amount of
hair gel could raise the film up to the level as the novel.

The description paints a vivid picture that makes the historical
impracticalities almost real.

But the film version fell short and made all the fake symbology
and religious mumbo-jumbo seem even more fake and confusing. Even
the Vatican City labyrinth sets were fake.

Howard repeated the same mistakes as his first attempt at Dan
Brown’s novel by infusing the film with complicated story lines and
a vast list of characters.

One of the only positive aspects of the film is the history of
proceedings that occur during the election of a new pope. Audiences
get a glimpse of how the nominees are chosen, what events occur
during the process and how the new pope is elected.

If you want to really enjoy the story, I suggest buying the
hardcover of the book. The hardcover includes hundreds of pictures,
and it helps the reader picture what the settings look like.

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Angels & Demons

Courtesy of

Angels & Demons’ lacks accuracy, thrill

Angels & Demons

Courtesy of

Angels & Demons’ lacks accuracy, thrill

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