Tutti Frutti goes beyond self-serve fro-yo

By Deanna Smith

A new place is open on Temple Avenue in Pomona that offers yummy
treats, good music, air conditioning and wireless Internet.

Students looking for a bright and cheery place to relax and
study in between classes may have found their destination.

Tutti Frutti is a modern, hip self-serve frozen yogurt bar that
offers a healthier choice for snacking.

“Tutti Frutti is a nice alternative for students who do not want
Starbucks,” said co-owner Hanadi Alwan.

A nationwide chain, Tutti Frutti prides itself on offering top
of the line products at an affordable 35 cents per ounce.

Tutti Frutti offers all natural, preservative-free frozen
yogurts with approximately 120 calories per 10 ounce serving.

To ensure the healthiest products, fruit and other perishable
goods are purchased fresh on a daily basis.

Healthy does not have to be boring.

Variety is key at Tutti Frutti.

With 32 flavors rotated on a weekly basis, 16 flavors are
available to choose from each time you visit.

The employees are welcoming and helpful and even offer free
samples for flavor tasting.

Tutti Frutti offers flavors from Original Tart to Green Apple to
Death by Chocolate.

Once you walk into Tutti Frutti, you pick up a yogurt cup and
fill it with as much frozen yogurt, fruit and candy toppings as you

You can mix and match yogurt flavors and choose toppings such as
kiwi, pineapple, brownies or cereal.

After you have created your frozen yogurt masterpiece, you place
it on a scale and pay by the ounce.

Patrons may sit and relax, spending the afternoon talking with
friends or accessing the wireless Internet available for free to
paying customers.

“It tastes great and I feel healthier eating this instead of a
milkshake or ice cream. I also like that I can stay and study
here,” said Arely Flores, a third-year business administration and
marketing student.

Tutti Frutti does not seem to have much of a different
atmosphere or price scale than other self-serve yogurt bars popping
up in Southern California, but the yogurt is tasty and the owners
plan to start selling smoothies soon.

More and more students are finding that Tutti Frutti offers
delicious, healthy snacks.

If nothing else, it is much closer than other yogurt shops.

The restaurant is clean and the orange, green and white decor
just may brighten your day.

“This is my first time here and this is the best frozen yogurt I
have ever had. I live close by and will be coming here a lot,” said
Perla Bodden, a fourth-year apparel merchandising and management

With warm days ahead of us, this new yogurt bar should provide a
cool respite where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy a
healthy treat.

Look out for a discount in the mail because Tutti Frutti is
sending out grand opening coupons.

Pick up a stamp card and Tutti Frutti will give you a free
yogurt after you purchase nine.

Located on 3042 W. Temple Ave. next to Starbucks and Denny’s,
Tutti Frutti offers a cool solace from the heat for Cal Poly

Reach Smith and Valenzuela at

Tutti Frutti goes beyond self-serve fro-yo

Evelyn Alvarez/Poly Post

Tutti Frutti goes beyond self-serve fro-yo

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