Jackman’s rage claws through ‘Wolverine’

By Daniel Ucko

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” does a decent job of living up to
high expectations.

It seems the only comic-book-to-big-screen adaptation that has
been decided upon as up to par with America’s standards is the
latest “Batman” franchise, but Hugh Jackman’s prowess in revisiting
his landmark role as Wolverine makes the film worth watching.

Jackman, the Aussie you may most recently remember tap-dancing
around stage as the host of the Oscars, portrays Wolverine with a
vengeance equal to the ferocity of the Marvel comic book

There couldn’t be a better choice to play Wolverine, who is born
James Howlett and later goes by Logan.

Jackman has the hair, the chops, the intensity and the figure:
the 6-foot-1 star bulked up to 215 pounds for the role before
leaning down to 200. He stole the show in the three widely
successful “X-Men” movies, and shines in his first solo endeavor as
the lone-wolf mutant.

He not only pulls off the look, but he can roar like he means it
and is the perfect mix between raging animal and sorrowful man that
director Gavin Hood clearly intended for.

“Origins” stays true to its title by exploring Wolverine’s dark,
brooding past that we have only seen fragments of in the “X-Men”
trilogy. We see the discovery of the infamous claws, his history
with the Weapon X program, why he’s so angry and why he’s much
older than he appears.

We see Wolverine fight side-by-side his half brother Victor
Creed, who is played with surprisingly aptitude by Liev Schriber.
The opening credits feature the two fighting through the Civil War,
both World Wars and Vietnam War before they are recruited onto a
top-secret government super group called “Team X.”

Wolverine goes rogue when he’s had enough bloodshed for a while,
and the detest between the brothers begins.

Schriber also has the muttonchops to match his role as Creed
a.k.a. Sabretooth, and is a very different looking mutant than the
cat-like creature portrayed in the comics and “X-Men” movies.

As a comic book geek and self-professed fan of the X-Men, and
especially Wolverine, it is hard to not enjoy seeing these
characters come to life in a mostly realistic manner.

With the exception of a cheesy slow-mo scene and lame plot twist
involving Logan’s love interest, the movie manages to move fast and
pack a punch without an overabundance of action.

There is plenty of action to be had though, between gruesome
scraps between brothers Wolverine and Sabretooth, and other
high-intensity explosions and mutant violence.

The only thing “Wolverine” really lacks is blood, which is a
studio’s sacrifice to pull off a PG-13 rating.

The supporting cast falls into place efficiently, with familiar
faces from TV’s “Lost.”

“Origins” is no “Iron Man,” but if a longtime fan can enjoy the
effort, you should too.

Reach Daniel Ucko at editorinchief@thepolypost.com


Wolverine,? which was released Friday

Jackman’s rage claws through ‘Wolverine’

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