Bad girls finish last in ‘Obsessed’

By Angela Dahl

“Obsessed” is an incredibly misleading title. What it really
should have been called is “The Beyonce Movie,” as that is the only
reason why people should watch it.

The obsessed character Lisa, played by Ali Larter, is a temp
worker who becomes “crazy in love” with Derek Charles, played by
Idris Elba.

Charles is a recently promoted manager and is happily married to
Beyonce’s character Sharon.

The greatest problem with the movie is the plot, which can be
predicted 10 minutes into the movie.

The obsessed temp, or the beautiful liar, attempts to seduce
Charles away from his wife.

He is able to resist, even though she frequently pops up in some
form of undress.

The trouble really begins when she follows him to a business
retreat and his colleagues and wife find out about it.

The climax of the film is the final showdown between the crazy
temp and crazy Sharon, who is not one to be messed with.

Her style of fighting blends a bit of crouching tiger and David
Beckham with some serious fabulousity.

Overall, the acting and the story were pretty awful.

But if someone has a morbid curiosity of what Beyonce would do
in a fight I certainly suggest watching it.

That experience is certainly “irreplaceable.”

Bad girls finish last in

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Bad girls finish last in ‘Obsessed’

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