The lost art of socializing

By Sarah Elkeaikati

Socializing is one of the most important factors in college and
is arguably as crucial to human survival as an academic education ”
or Betsey Johnson heels, depending on your priorities.

Since socializing is not offered as a major, it’s our
responsibility tas students to throw ourselves into the scene and
make the most of our college experience.

After all, we’re young and fabulous– so why not?

You would think that most college students would agree with me,
but it seems that the only person who understands the importance of
the college social scene is Asher Roth.

Let me explain.

Because of journalistic obligation, I cut my spring break short
and returned to my apartment at the University Village

To avoid mental exhaustion, I invited a few friends over for a
game night.

A few hours into the evening, our fun night was interrupted by a
noise complaint.

First of all, I didn’t know that noise complaints existed in
college and second, when did off campus housing turn into a
retirement community?

Complaining about noise in a college community is like
complaining about the smell of toxic fumes in a nail salon.

What did you expect?

What’s even more disappointing is that the complaint came from
fellow student residents.

The deception burns.

To cope, I went out and got a facial”oh, and I decided to start
this column.

I’ve realized that the true essence of youth is lost amongst
many of the students around me.

Personally, when I look back on my college years, I want to
remember all my rebellious, bold and daring experiences because I
know that once I launch that graduation cap, reality will set in
and the heels won’t be as glamorous.

After all, sitting and watching Lauren Conrad enjoy the
magnificent night life that Los Angeles has to offer is nothing
compared to going out and actually experiencing it.

So, with this I plan to conquer the world of dating, clubbing,
parties, and fancy Hollywood events in an exciting Carrie
Bradshaw-meets-College Humor kind of way.

Who knows, maybe I’ll have you convinced by the end of this
column’s run and you’ll put those books down and join me.

Reach Sarah Elkeaikati at

Hey baby, what

Hey baby, what’s your sign?’

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