A View from the Bridge’ depicts incest love triangle

By Andrea Waitrovich

The Theatre Department’s winter production was Arthur Miller’s
twisted love story “A View from the Bridge,” which began on Feb. 27
and ended last weekend. The play is about the Carbones, an Italian
family from Brooklyn, and the arrival of their illegal cousins,
Marco and Rodolfo. It centers on an incest love triangle with an
obsessed uncle, Eddie Carbone, in love with his niece, Catherine,
who is in love with Rodolfo. Eddie’s behavior becomes profoundly
disturbing when Catherine and Rodolfo’s relationship flourishes
into a marriage proposal. For two weeks, 14 drama students took on
the challenging and emotional roles they portrayed as part of the
epic tragedy. “It was hard to do the [Italian] dialect and being
able to keep hold of it and getting the rage in [my] character when
I am normally a happy person. It was dark,” said Blake Daryaie, a
third-year psychology student who plays Marco.Bernardo Solano, the
theatre professor who directed the play, said all his students
dedicated a lot of their time to know their characters. “It was bit
of a climb. It was a slow climb they all took and are accomplishing
it now,” said Solano. Krystine Martinez, a fourth-year theatre
student, said it was emotionally draining to play her character,
Beatrice Carbone.”It was a really intense show. It was hard to try
and get into the same emotions every night,” said Martinez. “I
admire [Beatrice’s] devotion, even though [her husband] was not
interested and angry all the time. She knew he was the one.”Devin
Caldarone, a third-year theatre student, said it was a challenge to
get down the mannerism of Eddie Carbone, the 40-year-old husband of
Beatrice. “It took a lot of outside work and imagination to be able
to play Eddie”I have a lot of Sicilian heritage that helped with
the missing pieces,” said Caldarone. Miller’s play follows the
model of a Greek tragedy; a hero of high stature losing everything
because of his fatal flaw. “Eddie’s tragic flaw deals with the
attraction he has. He was really in love with her” He can’t explain
it or how to articulate it or face it which all leads to his
downward spiral,” said Solano.The whole community warns Eddie to
let Catherine go; even his wife acknowledges it to him. But Eddie
refuses to listen and denies everything. He loses all his respect
from his family and the community by calling immigration to have
Marco and Rodolpho deported.The play ends with a dramatic fighting
scene between Marco and Eddie in which Eddie dies. Miller was a
prominent figure in American theatre and cinema. He wrote a wide
variety of dramas including “The Crucible,” “All My Sons” and
“Death of a Salesman.” Reach Andrea Waitrovich at

A View from the Bridge

Niall Koefoed/Poly Post

A View from the Bridge’ depicts incest love triangle

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